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Load testing with Gatling

Sooner or later, there comes the time to measure how your RESTful service behaves under load. There are many out of the shelf tools, that allow to do this in "quick-and-dirty" way — like wrk / wrk2, ab, etc. However, if you’re working with JVM and want to setup reproducible and comprehensive load testing, probably, the best tool would be Gatling.

So, this post is how-to article for setting up load testing of Spring Boot service with Gatling.

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Monitoring Spring Boot service with Prometheus and Grafana

Different people mean different things, when they talk about observability. To stay practical and concrete, by observability I mean monitoring, tracing and logging. In this post I will give recipe of adding monitoring to your Spring Boot service with Prometheus and Grafana.

TL;DR If you prefer reading code vs reading posts — just follow this link.

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